Critical advice and guidance that informs the world's leading businesses.

Why we exist

We equip brands to create a better future.

What we do _

Clients come to us for smarter insights, analysis, and direction. We work together globally on …

Communications Strategy_

We transcend borders, and channel diverse voices to shape brand stories that delight, inspire, and convince.

Brand Strategy_

We connect to new realities, tuning precisely into culture to map new worlds and propel brands forward.

Innovation Strategy_

We pin-point evolution on the cusp of change, and draw clarity from noise to articulate ideas that make the future real.

Our Work _

We're always looking forward - for better understanding and answers.

So, we don't harp on much about past projects. But these are some of the clients who prize our critical advice and guidance, and who we've equipped to create a better future.

We squashed IKEA down to size to fit the wonderful everyday into the city centre.

We age-proofed L'Oreal to behold secret potential in the beauty of Boomers.

We served up Johnie Walker with a new global creative agency.

We made more of Guinness's surging place in culture.

We spiced up Smirnoff to discover the true flavours of Africa.

Who we are _

A team of skilled researchers, strategists, linguists, product designers, anthropologists and cultural theorists who have lived in - and led agencies across - the USA, Latam, Europe and Asia.

Edny Tappy _

Half Welsh. Half French. All German. Past CEO of a global agency. Too big to fail. Epicure. Sneaker-head. Cultural Guardian. Find him shaping future brand strategy, geeking over knit-wear or scrutinising vinyl.

Sam Gomez _

Born English. Gone French. CEO of agencies in Singapore & London. Francophile. Beauty queen. Mother of dragons. Find her building the future of your business, or dragging you out to Karoake.

Stu Enticknap _

Born in Kent. Lives in tomorrow. Industrial designer. Futurist. Visionary of the perfect home. Design geek. Laundry expert. People person. Find him sketching your strategic framework, while obsessing about typography and kerning.

Chloe Williams _

New York. London. Maesteg (Wales). Global agency leader. Trustee of Women in Innovation. Problem solver. Blue sky thinker. Dog person. Find her dazzling your next innovation workshop, or stinging like a bee in the boxing ring.

Kieran Holland _

Raised in Scunthorpe. Plays punk bass. Fluent in Japanese. Veteran of agencies in Tokyo and London. Fashion idol. Hip-hop authority. Insurance expert. Talent scout. Find him shaping your global creative campaign, or making soundscapes.

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